8 - The Fruits of Meritorious Action

Subhūti, what do you think? If anyone filled three thousand galaxies of worlds with the seven treasures and gave all away in gifts of alms, would he gain great merit?

Subhūti said: Great indeed, World-Honored One! Wherefore? Because merit partakes of the character of no-merit, the Tathāgata characterized the merit as great.

Then Buddha said: On the other hand, if anyone received and retained even only four lines of this discourse and taught and explained the to others, his merit would be the greater. Wherefore? Because, Subhūti, from this discourse issue forth all the buddhas and the consummation of incomparable enlightenment teachings of all the buddhas.

Subhūti, what is called "the religion given by Buddha" is not, in fact, buddha-religion.

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