The Diamond Sutra - Shambhala Dragon Edition

Translated by A. F. Price & Wong Mou-lam. Forwards by W. Y. Evans- Wentz & Christmas Humphreys.

Liberated into digital form by Thupten Sonam Gonpo for the benefit of all beings (who are online).

Shambhala Dragon Editions

The dragon is an age-old symbol of the highest spiritual essence, embodying wisdom, strength, and the divine power of transformation. In this spirit, Shambhala Dragon Editions offers a treasure of readings in the sacred knowledge of Asia. In presenting the works of authors both ancient and modern, we seek to make these teachings accessible to lovers of wisdom everywhere.

(This book was stolen from David Campey!)

Shambhala, Boston, 1990

The Diamond Sūtra

Come, Blessed One, we pray Thee, roll the wheel of the dew-sweet Law -- which is excellent in the beginning, excellent in the middle, and excellent in the end!

Lotus Sūtra


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