21 - Words Cannot Express Truth; That Which Words Express Is Not Truth

Subhūti, do not say that the Tathāgata conceives the idea "I must set forth a teaching." For if anyone says that the Tathāgata sets forth a teaching he really slanders Buddha and is unable to explain what I teach. As to any truth-declaring system, truth is undeclarable; so "an enunciation of truth" is just the name given to it.

Thereupon, Subhūti spoke these words to Buddha: World-Honored One, in the ages of the future will these be men coming to hear a declaration of this teaching who will be inspired with belief?

And Buddha answered: Subhūti, those to whom you refer are neither living beings nor not-living beings. Wherefore? Because, Subhūti, the "living beings" are not really such; they are just called by that name.

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