13 - How This Teaching Should Be Received and Retained

At that time Subhūti addressed Buddha, saying: World-Honored One, by what name should this discourse be known, and how should we receive and retain it?

Buddha answered: Subhūti, this discourse should be known as the Diamond of the Perfection of Transcendental Wisdom -- Thus should you receive and retain it. Subhūti, what is the reason herein? According to the buddha-teaching, the perfection of transcendental wisdom is not really such. "Perfection of transcendental wisdom" is just the name given to it. Subhūti, what do you think? Has the Tathāgata a teaching to enunciate?

Subhūti replied to Buddha: World-Honored One, the Tathāgata has nothing to teach.

Subhūti, what do you think? Would there be many molecules in [the composition of] three thousand galaxies of worlds?

Subhūti said: Many, indeed, World-Honored One!

Subhūti, the Tathāgata declares that all these molecules are not really such; they are called "molecules." [Furthermore, ] the Tathāgata declares that a world is not really a world; it is [merely] called a world.

Subhūti, what do you think? May the Tathāgata be perceived by the thirty-two physical peculiarities [of an outstanding sage]?

No, World-Honored One, the Tathāgata may not be perceived by these thirty-two marks. Wherefore? Because the Tathāgata has explained that the thirty-two marks are not really such; they are [merely] called the thirty-two marks.

Subhūti, if on the one hand a good man or a good woman sacrifices as many lives as the sand grains of the Ganges, and on the other hand anyone receives and retains even only four lines of this discourse, and teaches and explains them to others, the merit of the latter will be the greater.

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