15 - The Incomparable Value of This Teaching

Subhūti, if on the one hand, a good man or a good woman performs in the morning as many charitable acts of self-denial as the sand grains of the Ganges, and performs as many again in the noonday and as many again in the evening, and continues so doing throughout numberless ages, and, on the other hand, anyone listens to this discourse with heart of faith and without contention, the latter would be the more blessed. But how can any comparison be made with one who writes it down, receives it, retains it, and explains it to others!

Subhūti, we can summarize the matter by saying that the full value of this discourse can be neither conceived nor estimated, nor can any limit be set to it. The Tathāgata has declared this teaching for the benefit of initiates of the great way; he has declared it for the benefit of initiates of the supreme way. Whosoever can receive and retain this teaching, study it, recite it, and spread it abroad will be clearly perceived and recognized by the Tathāgata and will achieve a perfection of merit unlimited and inconceivable. In every case such a one will exemplify the Tathāgata-consummation of the incomparable enlightenment. Wherefore? Because, Subhūti, those who find consolation in limited doctrines involving the conception of an ego entity, a personality, a being, or a separated individuality, are unable to accept, receive, study, recite, and openly explain this discourse.

Subhūti, in every place where this discourse is to be found the whole realms of gods, men, and titans should offer worship; for you must know that such a place is sanctified like a shrine and should properly be venerated by all with ceremonial obeisance and circumambulation and with offerings of flowers and incense.

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