10 - Setting Forth Pure Lands

Buddha said: Subhūti, what do you think? In the remote past when the Tathāga was with Dīpamkara Buddha, did he have any degree of attainment in the good law?

No, World-Honored One. When the Tathāgata was with Dīpamkara Buddha he had no degree of attainment in the good law.

Subhūti, what do you think? Does a bodhisattva set forth any majestic buddha-lands?

No, World-Honored One. Wherefore? Because "setting forth majestic buddha-lands" is not a majestic setting forth; this is merely a name.

[Then Buddha continued:] Therefore, Subhūti, all bodhisattvas, lesser and great, should develop a pure, lucid mind, not depending upon sound, flavor, touch, odor, or any quality. A bodhisattva should develop a mind that alights upon nothing whatsoever; and so should he establish it.

Subhūti, this may be likened to a human frame as large as the mighty Mount Sumeru. What do you think? Would such a body be great?

Subhūti replied: Great indeed, World-Honored One. This is because Buddha has explained that no body is called a great body.

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